“I’m easily twice the doctor I was before I started learning from Michael and Chris”
~Emily Rea
“I signed up early on and so glad I did! Aside from all the weekly and monthly educational goodies, what I find invaluable is the mentoring on cases. The practice of TCM is so vast and one should never stop learning if we are truly to help patients. Thank you Chris Volesky LAc and Michael Peluso LAc for sharing your knowledge/experience and helping us to become better practitioners.”
~Thao Bui
Thank you Michael Peluso LAc and Chris Volesky LAc for all that you do. I've joined up on TCM Hub Locals also and I'm so impressed with all the content that you guys have uploaded already. Super worth it for anyone else considering joining - lots of value there for the $$. And it's content that is exactly what we need in our profession right now! Back to basics, plus a whole lot of other cool info and case studies. Lots of gratitude here for you guys"
~Julie Allison
I felt inspired to share my experience of the new Locals TCM group that Michael, Chis and the other practitioners are offering. In my experience as an acupuncturist, I have felt quite isolated over the years and have often longed for a team approach to better understand patient cases with pattern differentiation and herbal formulas. I am experiencing the new Locals TCM group like the team approach that I have been longing for. This is a community I can plug into if I need support and receive resources to better my herbal and diagnostic skills to make a bigger impact on the patients that I treat. I have felt inspired by how Michael and Rebecca work through cases together, and just listening in to their process has helped me to refine my diagnostic skills. I have also received much benefit and support from Chris and Michael sharing pattern differentiation, helping practitioners with cases, and breaking down formulas. There are many more offerings and content on the members supported Locals group and it feels like a more intimate group with a shared intention, to become better practitioners and help more people. Hope this helps anyone who is considering to join."
~Rebecca Wayne Magnum