Better Clinical Outcomes for Autoimmune Conditions Using Dietary Therapy 
with Darlene Easton, DACM, CNS, L.Ac.



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    Recorded September 23, 2021

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    The immune process is fundamentally a balance of Yin and Yang and inextricably connected to organs of digestion. This course will help you understand why and how this balance can go off the rails and cause autoimmune conditions. We will look at the process and use case examples to walk you through the principles and application of dietary therapy.  
    This webinar builds on the principles you learned in the free Foundations webinar and teach you how to apply that knowledge to achieve superior clinical outcomes for your patients. The methods taught employ all the tools of TCM  which is how we can most effectively serve our patients and achieve excellent results.

    This class includes the following:

    • Review of foundational material regarding autoimmune diseases;
    • How to apply dietary therapy to achieve better clinical outcomes;
    • Helping your patients understand the importance of dietary changes
    • Ways to incorporate simple yet powerful changes
    • 5 base supplements they need to be taking and why


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