Bundle and Save! Dollars & Sense with Quickbooks for Acupuncturists, 3.5 NCCAOM PDAs




    Bundle and Save! Dollars & Sense with Quickbooks for Acupuncturists

    Dollars & Sense

    Instructor: Rebecca Ong, L.Ac.

    Date recorded: April 4th, 2020

    Length: ~1.5 hours

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    Course Description:

    One of the many issues plaguing solo practitioners is the lack of financial organization and basic financial literacy. Having business and personal finances in order takes an enormous amount of stress and distraction off the shoulders of the practitioner so that he or she can focus on what is really important: patient care.

    This course teaches students the nuts and bolts of financial organization. The lessons are appropriate for new practitioners and veterans alike. Students will learn how to create a budget, be prepared for a financial emergency, prevent overspending, and know how to appropriately set fees. Students who attend live will receive budgeting templates. Students will also learn an organized system to pay off debt and save for a longer term emergency fund.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn an organized system to pay down debt.
    • Learn how to create a budget for both personal and business finances
    • Identify leaks/holes in current spending
    • Learn how to appropriately set fees so that the student will be charging enough to cover all overhead and pay themselves

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    Rebecca Ong MAOM, L.Ac. graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2007. Like many of her colleagues, she was faced with a lot of challenges after graduation, most notably running a practice and “winging it” every day. She didn’t really know what to charge my patients or how to manage her personal and business finances. Student loan debt was hanging around like a bad habit, and she just would be there forever. It seemed impossible as a solo practitioner to get ahead and really make a good living practicing Chinese Medicine.

    Four years into practice Rebecca came upon a program for eliminating debt, and being too tired from winging it and struggling, she decided to complete it. In 4 1/2 years she paid off $129,222.93 ($141,951.51 with interest) and over four years later, is still debt-free.

    The experience of sticking to a plan and achieving this goal inspired Rebecca to help others in the Chinese Medicine field achieve financial freedom too.

    Quickbooks for Acupuncturists

    Instructor: Leah Karpelson, L.Ac.

    Record date: July 18th, 2020

    Length:  1 hour 28 minutes

    Approved for 1.5 NCCAOM PDAs (recording only)

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    It is highly recommended to get the DESKTOP version of Quickbooks, NOT the online version.

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    Complete this webinar and start using Quickbooks today to get your accounting under control!  Quickbooks is the most commonly used accounting software today. This online video course will provide a basic introduction to using QuickBooks so you can accurately handle the bookkeeping for your practice.  Topics will include setting up items, tracking income and expenses, creating reports, invoices and receipts, and managing your customers’ balances.  This webinar is designed to make setting up and using Quickbooks as easy as possible.  No more waiting until the last minute, gathering up receipts and making a quasi-spreadsheet.   Now you can utilize the power of Quickbooks to make your accounting much simpler, faster, and more accurate.  And you accountant will appreciate it too!

    Course objective:

    Accounting basics:

    • Correct accounting practices save a lot of time and energy
    • Understanding the profit and loss statement
    • What is income
    • What are expenses?
    • Creating a sample profit and loss statement
    • Understanding the difference between invoices and receipts

    QuickBooks walk through:

    • Setting up company
    • Creating a client list
    • Creating a service list
    • Adding a bank account
    • Creating an opening balance
    • Entering expenses
    • Accessing the customer center
    • Creating invoices and receipts to record income
    • Receiving payments
    • Recording deposits
    • Recording merchant fees in the same deposit as income
    • Accessing reports (profit & loss)
    • Entering Sales Tax

    Leah Karpelson, D.Ac., L.Ac., is a 2011  graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, holds a doctorate in Acupuncture, and is owner of Point Balance LLC.  Prior to practicing acupuncture, Leah was a book keeper and tax preparer for an accounting firm from 2006-2012.  Given her combination of experience and education, Leah is uniquely positioned to provide training in Quickbooks accounting for acupuncturists and other health care providers.


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