Why Take This Program? This program is completely unique is that it is taught by Dr. Laurena White, an M.D., reproductive endocrinologist who is ALSO a fully trained, licensed and board-certified Chinese medicine physician practicing the full range of herbal medicine and acupuncture every day in her fully  integrated fertility practice.
This is TRUE integration. There is no one more qualified to teach this program.
This program is fully accessible to both acupuncturists and herbalists. You do not need to practice herbs to benefit from this program.  

Overview: This is the only program of its kind. In the 13-module, self-paced, complete fertility training program Dr. White addresses treating fertility challenges in the various forms from a bonafide integrative perspective. This framework provides insight not only for the patient but also for the practitioner in terms of how to engage people in lifestyle changes, which is one of the most daunting aspects of one’s fertility journey. This program delves into the thought process and the overall goals for patient and practitioner alike in preparation for conception and follows the course from preconception planning through the first trimester of pregnancy with or without the employ of artificial reproductive technology. Divided into 3 blocks, each each “month” has a specific focus which culminates in a comprehensive case study of 3 cases. In addition, Dr. White provides 1 live question/answer session per month.

Learning Objectives:

Hone interview skills to obtain a thorough health history according to contemporary medicine

Demonstrate skills and practices that support both male factor and female factor fertility (health, wellness, and healing)

Refocus on the clinical manifestations, key patterns, treatment principles, formulas, and points associated with fertility challenges

Develop a working knowledge of the eight extraordinary vessels and their relationship to fertility and the associated challenges

Integrate contemporary and traditional medicine treatment modalities.

Course Structure:

Self-paced study (should take 3 months studying 1 module per week)
13 pre-recorded modules (60-90 mins each)
Monthly Live Q & A with Dr. White

-(Q & A topics rotate every month. For example, June might be Q & A for Module 1-4, July for module 5-9, August for module 10-13, and then it begins again, September is for modules 1-4, and so on.  This means that you registers for the Q & A that fits where you are in the program.


MONTH 1 – Stop, Look, and Listen

Module 1:

  • What is “Infertility” and why we won’t be using that term in this program
  • Contemporary (Western) definition(s)
  • TCM’s role/responsibilities – reinforce the vitality of the body’s decision, does not reverse direction, balances
  • Fertility as one of the body’s highest priorities
  • Contemporary Diagnosis
  • Address the underlying cause
      – Male Factor – sperm abnormality
      – Female Factor – menstrual cycle
  •  Menstrual Cycle – menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, luteal Assess cycle – length, duration, menstrual blood, associated   symptoms/PMS, clots, irregular/regular,
  • Day of cycle?
  • Ovulation? Anovulatory Cycles?
  •  Types/presentations and clinical manifestations
  •  Treatment principles through the phases
  •  Formulas – raw, granules, pills; dosing, core formulas, herb selection, modifications
  •  Points – Treatment twice/weekly for accelerated outcomes (for Weeks 1 and 2)
  •  Integrative Approach – Vaginal steaming (local) and/or Massage (and special situations)

Module 2:

  •  Briefly review Week 1 themes/concepts
  •  Pattern Possibilities and Review – KI/SP/LR
  •  Heart
    Bao Mai
    HT Blood
  •  Clinical Manifestations
  •  Treatment Principles
  •  Formulas
  •  Points
  •  Integrative approach – nutrition and herbs
    ▪ Food

Module 3:

  • Briefly review Week 2 themes/concepts
  • Pattern Possibilities and Review – KI/SP/LV
  • Clinical Manifestations
  • Treatment Principles
      ▪ Formulas
      ▪ Points

Module 4:

  • 3 Case Review
  •  Live Q&A (Register for “Q & A Month 1” options)


MONTH 2 – Pause for the Cause

Module 5 

  •  Briefly review Week 2 themes/concepts
  •  Eight Extraordinary Vessels
    Chong Mai
    Ren Mai
  • Pattern Possibilities and Review – KI/SP/LR
  • Clinical Manifestations
  • Treatment Principles
  • Formula

Module 6 

  • Eight Extraordinary Vessels
    Du Mai
    Dai Mai
  •  Pattern Possibilities and Review – KI/SP/LR
  •  Clinical Manifestations
  • Treatment Principles
  • Formulas Points

Module 7 

  • Eight Extraordinary Vessel
    Yin Wei Mai
     ▪ Yang Wei Mai
  • Pattern Possibilities and Review – KI/SP/LR
  • Clinical Manifestations
  • Treatment Principles
  • Formulas
  • Points


Module 8

  •  Eight Extraordinary Vessels
    Yin Qiao Mai
    Yang Qiao Mai
  • Pattern Possibilities and Review – KI/SP/LR
  • Clinical Manifestations
  • Treatment Principles
  • Formulas
  • Points
  • 3 Case Review Continuation
  • Live Q&A (Register for “Q & A Month 2” options)


Month 3- Green Means Go

Module 9

  • Endometriosis

Module 10 

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Module 11

  • Uterine Fibroids

Module 12 

  • Artificial Reproductive Technology
    -Types – IUI and IVF
    Hormones – AMH, LH, FSH
    -Endometrial Lining specifications
    -Contemporary Medicine Protocols

Module 13

  • Early First Trimester
  • 3 Case Review Finale
  • Live Q&A (Register for “Q & A Month 3” options)

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