Chinese Disease Diagnosis: The Missing Piece to Solving the Patient Puzzle with Michael Peluso, L.Ac.




    Length: 2 hours 
    NCCAOM + CA CEUS Applied For

    For many physicians, diagnosis remains a difficult and opaque aspect of practice. There are many lenses, perspectives, theories and ideas which may inform how a practitioner arrives at their diagnosis and because of this, confusion is inevitable.
    Rooted in standard, contemporary Chinese medicine, this program introduces an often poorly taught, underutilized yet critical step in the diagnostic process in the modern world.
    Chinese Disease categories (bing) are the missing link, the bridge between the pre-established biomedical diseases and appropriate Chinese medical treatment. It is a critical error made by practitioners the world over to begin translating their patient’s diagnoses biomedical disease directly into treatment without considering the crucial intermediate step of reframing the Western disease into the Chinese disease(s) (bing) which best describe it’s clinical manifestations.

    This reframing process is part and parcel of contemporary Chinese medicine and it saves the practitioner a lot of time and confusion. In China, TCM student memorize these diseases (bing) along with the most common patterns and formulas associated with them thereby creating mental shortcuts when considering possible patterns. This is the step that is not emphasized or skipped altogether in Western TCM programs.

    In this program, Michael utilizes the best resources available in English to teach you how to quickly and easily select and evaluate the most likely patterns associated with your patient’s Western diseases by teaching you how to look up the Chinese disease(s) which correspond to the biomedical diagnosis.
    As examples of this process, this program examines several Western disease diagnoses which patients commonly present with (and a couple more complex ones) and how to bridge the gap to the corresponding Chinese diseases and therefore the limited number of patterns and formulas you need to consider in each instance.

    This critical step actually limits the amount of work you have to do, the number of questions you need to ask and ultimately the number of formulas you need to consider. What this class makes clear is that no matter how complicated the Western disease, no matter how many syllables the Latin name, Chinese medicine has a disease category that can accommodate the clinical symptoms and therefore can properly reframe the disease in a way that makes sense in our framework to then begin appropriate treatment.
    This also ensures a much safer approach to diagnosis because you can never be too far off in your diagnosis which means you can easily modify your approach or go back and reevaluate easily because you know exactly where you went wrong.

    Michael Peluso, M.S., L.Ac. is the co-founder of TCM Hub and is widely known the world over as a dedicated teacher of Chinese medicine. His easy-to-follow style and unique ability to simplify even the most complex clinical presentations are what draw students and practitioners alike to his courses again and again. Michael was in private practice in Missoula, Montana for many years before relocating to NY to work at CNY Fertility as the staff Chinese medicine practitioner. Michael is a specialist in gynecology and a sought after diagnostician. He is now in private practice providing telemedicine, mostly to other physicians.


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    Gerald Stolarczyk jerry
    Posted 7 days ago

    An exceptionally insightful and inspiring webinar. What Michael teaches in this webinar is beautifully simplistic, and yet, so powerful. I learned more clinical nuggets in these two-hours than I ever did in four-semesters of internal medicine classes.

    Al Ladesic Al Ladesic
    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Another gem from TCM Hub!

    Peluso has done it again. What a wonderful course on systematically diagnosing patients that provide clear direction on how to treat. Thank you!

    Aleksandra Wroblewska alawroblewska
    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Consistent and Thorough

    As with all of Michael's instruction, he presents a systematic approach to diagnosis that is practical. Can't recommend this course enough.

    Tim Nicosia Tim Nicosia
    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Stop what you are doing and get this now.

    Michael and the TCM Hub crew have done an excellent job on this training. It is simple, direct, and easy to implement in the clinic. I love how everything is broken down into small logical steps. This is a training that I will revisit many times to strengthen my diagnostic skills.

    Jessica Rea Jessica Rea
    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Brilliant ability to simplify the complex

    Thanks Michael for your great class, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be putting into practice these skills.

    Bart Vermilya Bart Vermilya
    Posted 2 weeks ago

    Very concise. I learned a great deal each time I watched the webinar. There are a bunch of nuggets that make diagnosis simple, quick, and easy!

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