Endometriosis: Western & Eastern Approaches, Chinese Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment

Instructors: Michael Peluso, L.Ac. and Dr. Laurena White, M.D., L.Ac., OB/GYN

Record date: 10/19/19

Total time, with additional case study: Approximately 2 hours 28 minutes

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Course description:

This webinar will educate the practitioner to become a better diagnostician and provide more effective treatments with Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of endometriosis. While it is important to understand the Western, biomedical disease name endometriosis – for various reasons including communicating with other medical professionals – it is imperative that the Chinese Medicine practitioner not treat the Western medical diagnosis. As such, this webinar includes both Western and Eastern education. Case studies are presented to assure the practitioner reviews the Chinese Medicine diagnosis and thought process in determining the patterns involved, and how to treat those patterns.
Dr. White will teach you all of the latest biomedical research on this disease including:
 -Clinical Manifestations
 -Case studies from her practice
Michael will teach many of the common Chinese medical disease and pattern presentations associated with endometriosis including:
-Painful Menstruation
-Heavy Menstruation
-Menstrual Movement diseases
-Common pairing and triplet presentations
-Case studies of endo from his practice

Additional case study included:

In the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnosticians rule. However, too often we see practitioners struggle with pattern diagnosis, and it is nearly impossible to prescribe herbs without the correct pattern. Yet this is done all the time. This webinar is the first of many to come that will correct this problem through thorough analysis using case studies.

Take a deep dive into the clinical thinking needed to complete a proper intake and make an accurate Chinese Medicine diagnosis in treating Endometriosis.  case studies help instill the ability to think like a Chinese Medicine doctor and make a proper Chinese Medicine diagnosis.  Diagnosis is a process of deductive reasoning utilizing sequential steps to arrive at a rational conclusion (the diagnosis) and therefore, treatment strategy. When done correctly, the clinical picture is clear and the diagnosis is much easier and accurate. When the diagnosis is accurate, prescribing Chinese Herbal medicine is much more effective.

Michael Peluso, L.Ac. Bio:

Michael Peluso, M.S., L.Ac. is the founder of TCM Gynecology, an online educational resource for practitioners looking to advance their skills in the specialty of Gynecology. Michael received specialty training in Chinese medical Gynecology through Blue Poppy Institute, and is a former staff Chinese medicine practitioner at CNY Fertility/Healing Arts in Central New York.  For more information on TCM Gynecology, join the TCM Gynecology Facebook group by clicking HERE.

Dr. Laurena White Bio:

Laurena has over 15 years of service and experience in the field of women’s health ranging from birth doula to physician including acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She works closely with a team she has carefully chosen to deliver expert care not only to women, but also to couples trying to conceive. Together with the team, Dr. White facilitates the transformation of complex women’s health and fertility challenges. By helping women and couples address the underlying root cause of their condition, her patients begin to  flourish without taking unnecessary pharmaceutical medications or having fruitlessly invasive surgical procedures.  Dr. White has developed purpose-built signature programs that are unique to The Eudaimonia Center.

Dr. White integrated her practice by incorporating both allopathic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment modalities in order to bridge the gaps in women’s healthcare.  For more information on Dr. White and her clinic, visit https://laurenawhite.com/


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