Integrated Pediatrics: From Basics to Practice with Heather Peterman, DAOM: Part 1 Ethics



    Integrated Pediatrics: From Basics to Practice with Heather Peterman, DAOM Part 1 Ethics

    Record date: January 12th, 2021

    Length: 2 hours and 27 minutes

    Approved for 2.5 NCCAOM Ethics PDAs

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    Pediatrics is a rewarding specialty that requires a lot of understanding and nuance specific to treating children with Chinese Medicine.  In this webinar, ethical aspects of seeing pediatric patients are covered, including consideration of children from a variety of backgrounds, the dynamics of the family unit, mental and emotional considerations, working with parents, handling patient privacy, and developing a rapport with the pediatric patient.  Heather Peterman, DAOM, brings the knowledge and experience necessary to help the practitioner navigate treating this segment of the population so both the practitioner and patient can experience the power of Chinese Medicine in achieving and maintaining health and wellness.

    Course objectives:

    • Establishing a need for Integrated Medicine amongst current health trends including opioid epidemic, obesity pandemic and ever-increasing mental health concerns.
    • Review of current evidence-based information for common pediatric complaints.
    • Red flags and contraindications that require referral to MD or ER
    • Establish normal ranges for physical exam
    • Discuss treatment plans and dose equivalency to promote strong communication and realistic expectations with western providers and parents
    • Define tools, needle retention times and other considerations for pediatric patients.
    • Ethics: Explore real life scenarios for ethical areas that reflect on privacy, duty to report and safety for pediatric patients

    About Heather Peterman, DAOM:

    Heather Peterman, DAOM has helped launch new acupuncture programs embedded in a hospital based fertility clinic, cancer care clinic and physical medicine and rehabilitation program.
    Through her work with the integrated medicine team she has helped advance the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Dr. Peterman is committed to developing new, integrated programs and defining best practices by educating and mentoring providers interested in the same goal. Her DAOM dissertation is entitled “VALIDATING THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE IN PRE-CONCEPTION CARE TO INCREASE PREGNANCY RATES WITH INSULIN RESISTANT POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME PATIENTS”


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