Mastering Menstrual Diseases Module 1



Instructor: Michael Peluso, L.Ac.
Recorded: September 2019

In Module 1 of the Mastering Menstrual Diseases program, TCM gynecology specialist Michael Peluso, L.Ac. begins from the ground up with a solid refresher of key TCM theory, concepts and specifics related to GYN to set the stage for successful diagnosis and treatment of menstrual diseases. There is a lot packed into this class and the information contained herein is essential to both the practice of TCM in general and GYN as a specialty.

The module contains the following subject matter:

  • Introduction to TCM Methodology
  • Review of core Chinese medicine theory & principles
  • Introduction to Female Physiology
  • Introduction to Menstrual Disorders
  • Pathomechanisms of Menstrual Disorders
  • Diagnosis in TCM Gynecology


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