PCOS Patterns and Treatment with Heather Peterman, DAOM



    PCOS Patterns and Treatment with Heather Peterman, DAOM

    Length: Approximately 2 hours

    Record date: February 20th, 2020

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    PCOS Patterns and Treatment Class Outline

    Pathophysiology and Chinese Patterns of PCOS

    Learn how to take your treatments to the next level in this dynamic course on enhancing fertility outcomes with PCOS patients. This course explores PCOS, Insulin Resistance and how a constitutional change caused by the standard American diet has lead to a new subset of patients classified as poor responders to advanced reproductive technologies. Understanding these factors eliminates symptom chasing and increases efficacy of treatments. Pathophysiology of PCOS is identified as it relates to modern day patients in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and allopathic medicine. Covered topics include pattern diagnosis and differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, nutritional guidelines, communication with reproductive endocrinologists and treatment strategies. The course is designed for practitioners currently working with Fertility patients or those who desire to dive deeper into Fertility and OB GYN practices.  A baseline knowledge is suggested but not required.


    1. Properly identify patient profile

    2. Understand PCOS and IR as a root cause of infertility and the corresponding TCM diagnosis

    3. Understand key symptoms to properly diagnose TCM patterns as they relate to patient base

    4. Provide language and clinical reasoning skills to enhance fertility practices

    5. Provide foundational treatment strategies effective with this patient profile

    6. Provide treatment strategies to tonify kidney Jing and increase egg quality

    About Dr. Peterman

    Heather Peterman, DAOM has helped launch new acupuncture programs embedded in a hospital based fertility clinic, cancer care clinic and physical medicine and rehabilitation program. Through her work with the integrated medicine team she has helped advance the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Peterman is committed to developing new, integrated programs and defining best practices by educating and mentoring providers interested in the same goal. Her DAOM dissertation is entitled “VALIDATING THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE IN PRE-CONCEPTION CARE TO INCREASE PREGNANCY RATES WITH INSULIN RESISTANT POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME PATIENTS”


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