Pulse Diagnosis Webinar 6-Pack with Chris Volesky, L.Ac. Save $225.00



    Pulse Diagnosis Webinar 6-Pack Bundle

    Get all 6 webinars and save $225.00!

    Whether you’re treating epidemic damp disease, orthopedics, autoimmune, Lyme, gynecology, and any other internal medicine condition, being the best diagnostician is the only way to assure accurate pattern differentiation and effective Chinese Herbal Medicine treatments.

    One tool to help you become a better diagnostician is pulse diagnosis.  Chris Volesky manages to teach the power and nuance of pulse diagnosis without the excessive complications and obscurity.  With these webinars you will learn everything about pulse diagnosis, including foundations of the pulse, what each pulse position can tell you, how pulse diagnosis related to patterns, and possible herbal strategies.  Pulse diagnosis is a highly effective diagnostic tool that can add depth to your understanding of what is going on with your patients.

    Chris draws on his studies with both Dr. Jimmy Chang and Dr. Jin Zhao in Chengdu, and combines that with his own of clinical experience, to bring you the most clinically relevant, practical and easy to understand pulse diagnosis webinars.

    Each individual webinar is pending NCCAOM PDAs.

    Purchase includes lifetime access to the webinars.

    No refunds.

    This webinar bundle includes 6 webinars totaling 10 hours 37 minutes:

    Pulse basics – 2 hours 6 minutes

    Left cun – 1 hour 52 minutes

    Right cun – 1 hour 11 minutes

    Left guan – 1 hour 41 minutes

    Right guan – 1 hour 21 minutes

    Left and right chi positions – 2 hours 11 minutes

    Normal and pathological pulse positions and qualities are covered, along with possible patient presentations when these pulses are present.  Also covered are the herbs and herbal formulas that treat the pathological pulses/patterns.

    Chris Volesky, L. Ac.

    Chris is a Chinese Medicine practitioner who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Chinese Medicine.  Chris has been able to achieve a standard of excellence through studying with the top doctors and practitioners in the field. His nerd-like qualities (that we love so much) drove him to not only memorize what the masters taught, but then he practiced and perfected it with clinical efficacy in hospitals in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Washington, as well as private practice.  It was this clinical experience that motivated him to adapt and apply what he had learned to make the medicine his own, giving him further mastery through constant application in clinic.   Because of this, Chris teaches with the intention on providing real-world, applicable clinical skills that are easy to assimilate into one’s practice right away.

    Chris has studied PulseSynergy under Jimmy Chang, and started the Jimmy Chang PulseSynergy Facebook group where he is the administrator.  He is active on that group and also on the Chinese Medicine That Works group answering pulse diagnosis and herbal medicine questions.


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