The Chi Pulse Positions with Chris Volesky, L.Ac.




Pulse Diagnosis: The Chi Positions

Record date:  January 17th, 2020

Length:  2 hours 11 minutes

Instructor: Chris Volesky, L.Ac.

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In this webinar, Chris goes over both chi pulse positions, including pathological pulses, diseases often associated with and the herbs to treat those pathological pulses, and much more. This is a face paced webinar full of important information.

Instructor bio:

Chris Volesky has studied and practiced the Pulse Synergy for several years, and has received Jimmy Chang’s blessing in helping to spread this amazing diagnostic system.  Chris also studies with Jin Zhao in Cheng Du, China.  Jin Zhao regularly treats 100-150 patients a day in China with incredible results.  While Chris draws on his extensive experience using pulse and tongue diagnosis with Chinese Herbal Medicine, many of Jin Zhao’s teachings form the basis for Chris’s live seminars as well.  The first seminar Chris developed and taught was, ‘Just Treat the Pulse! Mastering Pulse diagnosis To Drive Clinical Success’, and has since been expanded to a full TCM Diagnostics seminar including tongue diagnosis and more.  Chris also teaches the Diagnostic and Treatment Simplicity for Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Diseases seminar.  All his seminars can be found on Chinese Medicine That Works/Acuvids.  Chris maintains a busy practice in the Denver area.


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