Practical Qigong to Enhance Clinical Outcomes with Chris Volesky, L.Ac.


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    Practical Qigong to Enhance Clinical Outcomes, with Gasotransmitter Qigong Videos for Patients & Practitioners

    Record date: June 2nd, 2021

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    This bundle includes a live and recorded webinar with Chris Volesky, L.Ac., wherein he explains how to perform the exercises, the purpose of them, when to use them, and why you should incorporate them into your other Chinese Medicine treatment plans.

    The actual Qigong exercises are also provided so both the practitioner and patient can learn them, and the practitioner can provide them to their patients so they can enhance the treatments and improve their results. By having the patient continue these exercises at home, they are being empowered in taking part in their health, and will experience faster and more profound results.

    Course objectives:

    • Learn simple Qigong techniques to enrich both your acupuncture and herbal practice.
    • Learn methods of supporting Wei qi, releasing the exterior and improving immune function.
    • Learn basic approaches for improving digestive function and helping those who have chronic, long term digestive issues.
    • Learn easy techniques to calm the liver, balance the nervous system, and immediately potentiate your patient’s treatment experience (while still on the table).
    • Learn how to move Qi and blood through Qigong and methods of tonifying qi, blood, yin and yang through basic breathing techniques.

    Links to provide to your patients will be in the course itself in ‘My Account’.  Note, these can only be shared with your patients, NOT other practitioners.


    Chris Volesky has studied and practiced the Pulse Synergy for several years, and has received Jimmy Chang’s blessing in helping to spread this amazing diagnostic system.  Chris also studies with Jin Zhao in Cheng Du, China.  Jin Zhao regularly treats 100-150 patients a day in China with incredible results.  While Chris draws on his extensive experience using pulse and tongue diagnosis with Chinese Herbal Medicine, many of Jin Zhao’s teachings form the basis for Chris’s live seminars as well.  The first seminar Chris developed and taught was, ‘Just Treat the Pulse! Mastering Pulse diagnosis To Drive Clinical Success’, and has since been expanded to a full TCM Diagnostics seminar including tongue diagnosis and more.  Chris also teaches the Diagnostic and Treatment Simplicity for Fibromyalgia and Autoimmune Diseases seminar.  All his seminars can be found on Chinese Medicine That Works/Acuvids.  Chris maintains a busy practice in the Denver area.


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