TCM GYN Bundle – Mastering Menstrual Diseases, Hot Flashes, and Menstrual with Michael Peluso, L.Ac.


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    Full TCM Gyn Program PLUS Hot Flashes and Using Menstrual Cycle Phases to Guide Treatment


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    Complete TCM GYN Program: Mastering Menstrual Diseases

    This 100% Online Gynecology Program Prepares You For the Realities of Clinical Practice

    This program is comprised of the following:

    • Four pre-recorded modules (5.5 hours)
    • One recorded case studies module (2.5 hours)
    • Live Q&A Zoom meeting* in which Michael reviews any case studies you have and answers you questions. This meeting is approximately 60 minutes.

    *You choose from available dates for the live Zoom meeting and schedule the date you want with our online scheduler.  Minimum of three participants required for the meeting to go forward.  If a meeting is cancelled, you will have to reschedule.  To attend the live meeting, schedule HERE.

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    Course description:

    Statistically, as a Chinese medicine practitioner, the majority of your patients will fall between the ages of 25-55 and will be FEMALE.
    You must be proficient in the treatment of menstrual and menopausal diseases. If not, you are at a significant disadvantage in the clinic.

    Time to step up and see the menstrual cycle as one of your greatest diagnostic assets.

    Master the foundational principles of TCM Gynecology
    – “mastery is never anything other than mastery of the basics” ~ Bob Flaws

    Evaluate TCM menstrual disease patterns with total clarity
    – How do I know for SURE what patterns are presenting? Is it really…

    Engaging comprehensive analysis of menstrual pathomechanisms
    – why do menstrual diseases manifest? Physical, mental, emotional, environmental, combined, etc?

    Trace evolutions of “knotty”menstrual diseases
    – how can they have so many patterns? Is there a logic to how they all manifest? If so, what is it?

    Formulate logical, rational treatment plans based on facts
    – Don’t skip steps, be systematic, highly logical and treat only what you can confirm. No guessing.

    Overcome analysis paralysis and diagnose with confidence
    – Never freeze or second-guess in clinic again! Always have a well-footed plan to start treatment.

    Treat menstrual disorders safely and effectively
    – relax and enjoy practicing this wonderful specialty and make a huge difference for your patients.

    Our program has been tried and refined very carefully to give you the maximum return on your investment by teaching you how to think, not what to think.

    • We employ our proven “layering” technique to ensure maximum retention & usefulness of information.
    • Layering involves repeated exposure to core principles at every step of the educational process. When you return to the same basic principles in every clinical situation, you begin to realize that complex cases are nothing more than simple patterns strung together.
    • Layering allows the smooth transference of new information from short-term  into long-term memory freeing the practitioner to seemingly “automatically” ask the right questions.

    What is covered in the program?

    We cover all of the foundations of TCM Gynecology:

    • Core relevant theory, the “basics” ⬅︎ (mastery of any specialty is mastery of the basics)
    • Female physiology
    • Female pathophysiology
    • Pathomechanisms of menstrual diseases
    • Pattern diagnoses
    • PMS, and an introduction to the physiology of menopause.

    Confidently treat the most common menstrual disorders:

    • Painful Menstruation
    • Profuse Menstruation
    • Scanty Menstruation
    • Early Menstruation
    • Later Menstruation
    • Erratic Menstruation
    • Blocked Menstruation
    • PMS/Mid-Cycle Complaints

    Hot Flashes Webinar with Case Studies

    Record date: July 14th, 2019

    Instructor: Michael Peluso, L.Ac.

    Total length with case studies: ~2 hours 11 minutes

    Pending 2 NCCAOM PDAs

    Pending 2 CA CEUs, Category 1, CEP#1651

    Course description:

    Hot Flashes are one of the most common reasons women seek acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Learn how Chinese medicine views this phenomenon beyond simple Yin Vacuity, including the evolution of physiological changes women undergo as they age resulting in menopause and that results in menopausal syndrome. The most common patterns, signs and symptoms and herbal treatment are discussed.

    Hot Flashes Case Study 1

    Join TCM gynecologist Michael Peluso, L.Ac. in this ~30 minute companion webinar of the real-life applications of all you learned in the TCM Gynecology “Menopausal Hot Flashes: Patterns & Treatment” webinar. Michael guides you through two complex case studies from his practice involving the treatment of hot flashes in a variety of patients. See what happens when theory and correct Chinese Medicine diagnosis is put to the test in the clinic. Practice without theory is blind, theory without practice is sterile.

    Hot Flashes Case Study 2

    Includes TCM menstrual and peri-menopausal physiology, TCM patterns, constitutional diagnosis, tongue and pulse example, WEE gasp, and patient history with pattern differentiation.

    Using Menstrual Cycle Phases to Guide Treatment plus Case Study with Michael Peluso, L.Ac.

    Record date: February 5th, 2021

    Length: 1 hour

    Pending 1 NCCAOM PDA

    Pending 1 CA CEU Category 1, CEP#1651

    Course description:

    In Chinese gynecology, the menstrual cycle is traditionally divided into two sections, the Yin-dominant phase and the Yang-dominant phase. These roughly correspond to the biomedical follicular phase and luteal phase. But there are further subdivisions of the cycle which Chinese medicine physicians can employ to better and more accurately target specific problems within certain times of the cycle. These include:

    • Pre-ovulation
    • Ovulation
    • Post ovulation
    • Pre-menstrual period
    • Post-menstrual period

    This webinar begins with an overview of menstrual physiology from a broad perspective and zooms in to the key physiological changes which occur at certain points in the cycle and why certain pathomechanisms, diseases, and patterns are more likely at certain times than others. This webinar has the goal of helping gynecology specialists as well as general practitioners better treat their female patients with more targeted, judicious, and therefore effective treatment strategies. Discussion includes pattern discrimination, Chinese disease categories, and some mention of herbal formulas. Webinar also contains a case study.
    This webinar is appropriate for Acupuncturists and Herbalists alike as the main focus is on diagnosis.

    About the Instructor

    Michael Peluso, L.Ac. is a TCM gynecology specialist with advanced training in Chinese gynecology through Blue Poppy Institute under Bob Flaws. Michael is also former staff Chinese medicine practitioner at CNY Fertility. He is founder of TCM Gynecology online practitioner education as well as co-founder of TCM Hub, LLC.

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