The Functions of Flavor: How to Understand and Apply Traditional Concepts in the Modern World Practice



    The Functions of Flavor: How to understand and apply traditional concepts in the modern world practice
    Recorded date: 10/28/21
    Length: 1.5 hours
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    Description: Taste receptors are not limited to the tongue and mouth but rather exist throughout our entire body. The field of flavors and taste therapeutics is exploding and IS the place where cutting edge research is meeting traditional Chinese medicine.
    It’s simply not enough to associate an organ and flavor when making dietary recommendations. Instead, we must get clear on the mechanisms of action for the proposed remediating flavors and understand their broader application. In this way we can use food and flavors as a major force in the therapeutic process. This course explores both the tradition and the science and looks at the deeper role of flavor in eastern dietary therapy and how to apply these concepts. We’ll also review the foods are most therapeutically useful and how to help patients integrate them into their daily lives for maximum effect. This is a 90 min deep dive into a fascinating discussion that you won’t want to miss!

    Course objectives:

    1. participant will have a clear understanding of the way in which the body senses taste and its physiologic response
    2. participants will be able to describe how each flavor affects each system according to TCM
    3. participants will learn ways to apply therapeutic flavors clinically to their patients
    4. participants will have access to patient handout that guides patients on incorporating specific flavors
    About Dr. Darlene Easton:

    Dr. Easton DACM, CNS, L.Ac, is an NCCAOM diplomate and board certified Clinical Nutritional Specialist. Dr. Easton has earned a combined 9 post-graduate certifications from both Guangzhou Hospital of TCM and from Zhejiang University’s Hospital in Hangzhou.

    With 20 years in higher education, she’s taught all aspects of TCM including dietary therapy, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition. She was an associate professor at the NY College of Health Professions (1999-2003) and NYCC’s Finger Lakes School of  AOM (2003-2019). Dr. Easton is now in private practice offering health and nutritional consulting while she continues to teach online to professionals around the world through TCM Hub.