The Psychology of Prospecting for Ideal Patients, Automation, and Evolving Patient Relationships with Sohial Farzam, 2.5 NCCAOM PDAs


Approved for 2 1/2 NCCAOM PDAs

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    The Psychology of Prospecting for Ideal Patients, Automation, and Evolving Patient Relationships

    Record date: April 22nd, 2020

    Length:  2 1/2 hours

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    Approved for 2 1/2  NCCAOM PDAs (recording only)

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    In this webinar, Sohial covers the core psychological concepts in marketing and attracting new patients.  Understanding this will make you more proficient and effective at marketing your practice and services.  In addition, Sohial will cover basic data such as statistics, lead magnets, and funnels to help you understand how and why automation in your marketing is so important.  This webinar will get you well on your way to attracting new patients and improving your understanding of marketing.

    Course objectives:

    • The Evolution of Marketing
    • Education is currency
    • The 4 Types of Prospects Clients
    • The 5 Stages of Prospects Buying Decisions
    • The Statistics in the Evolution of Making a Transaction with a Client
      (From Suspect to Avatar)
    • The Lead Magnet and the Automation Funnel
    • Offline and Online Marketing Strategies

    About Sohial:

    Sohial Farzam is an Australian registered Acupuncturist and he has been practicing for 17 years. He was also a long-term lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (formally known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine) in Melbourne Australia for over 10 years. Recently he has paused teaching at the college only to expand his teaching publicly, both domestic and internationally.

    Sohial’s main area of interest in his clinical work and professional seminars are in psychology, human behaviour, neuroscience, quantum physics and philosophy. He integrates all these study angles into Chinese Medicine concepts to fully understand the dynamics of the psyche. He is a well-known practicing acupuncturist in Australia and he currently presents many seminars on psychological and mental health conditions all around Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

    In addition to the above, Sohial has also completed further qualifications completing internships in China. He has completed certifications in clinical studies working in Liaoning Hospital of TCM in the area of neurology, eye microsystem and advanced acupuncture as well as in Beijing in specialised Acupuncture and Abdominal Acupuncture protocols.

    Furthering his business experience, Sohial has created one of the fastest growing acupuncture needle supplies business supplying and serving Australian health practitioners with premium acupuncture needles and associated allied medical products. His company, NeedlePro Australia also provides ongoing education to their members as well as hosting international guest practitioners for continued education to help health practitioners further enhance their clinical skill.

    Sohial is also an active business, mindset and leadership consultant and mentor to both the health care sector and non-health care businesses and corporations.  Sohial is often hired to provide peak performance strategies in way of enhancing emotional intelligence to quickly and dramatically make shifts in business growth, team management and leadership skills. Through his business and brand, Pillars of Mastery, Sohial provides ongoing seminars and workshops in the area of business, marketing, and sales psychology. He is especially fascinated at how emotions and human behavior govern business performance and success. His work aims at helping business owners dissolve their underlying emotional charges which in business causes them to act in desperation rather than inspiration. Sohial’s goal is to help business owners become more empowered entrepreneurs.

    To reach Sohial for enquiries about NeedlePro Australia products or his Chinese Medicine seminars:
    P: +61 1300 633 353

    To reach Sohial for enquiries about his business and leadership seminars and workshops or for keynotes or personal consultations:




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