What To Say So Your Patients Stay with Rebecca Ong, L.Ac.

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    What To Say So Your Patients Stay

    Record date: June 18th, 2021

    Length: 2 hours 12 minutes

    Approved for 2 NCCAOM PDAs (Professional Enhancement category)

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    Course description:

    Are you frustrated with patients dropping out of care too early? It’s tempting to put the onus on the patient for being “flaky” or not really caring about their health. Or maybe you’re putting the pressure on yourself, blaming your lack of skill and your inability to “wow” them with fast results. We all know that acupuncture works. And we also know that it’s not a magic button. But patients don’t know that. They actually have no idea what to expect. 

    The real reason why patients drop out of care early is because of poor communication. You did not communicate realistic expectations and proper guidance through a treatment plan from start to finish.

    This course teaches you the importance of setting expectations from beginning to end of a treatment plan and what to say so that patients don’t drop out early or try to dictate their treatment process. It will teach you how to structure and conduct an initial consultation, how to structure and present a Treatment Plan, how to graduate a patient from care, and how to handle some common objections without being a sleazy salesperson. Included with the lecture are audio demonstrations of an Initial Phone Call, a Presentation of a Treatment plan with objections, and more.

    The topic of pre-payment is covered, but it is not the focus of this course. So this course will still be relevant to those who do not or cannot accept pre-payment of treatment. 

    The ultimate goals of the course are to:

    1. Increase patient compliance and retention.
    2. Set and manage patient expectations from the time of booking through the entire treatment process.
    3. Deliver the right messaging and communication that eliminates any confusion between the patient and practitioner.
    4. Prevent the patient from “taking over” and the practitioner from losing control of the treatment process.

    About Rebecca Ong, L.Ac.

    Rebecca Ong MAOM, L.Ac. graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2007. Like many of her colleagues, she was faced with a lot of challenges after graduation, most notably running a practice and “winging it” every day.

    Over years of practice, Rebecca found out how best to communicate with patients to provide clear expectations, treatment plans, and the highest degree of patient compliance possible, while also instilling confidence as a practitioner.

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    Jonathan Kukor Jonathan Kukor
    Posted 5 months ago
    Completing this class is a "no brainer."

    Rebecca thoroughly takes you step by step through simplified processes that will improve your clinic and your patient's experience. The fee for this class can easily be covered by one patient. I really enjoyed how well organized the class was. Additionally, the phone examples were very helpful. The information provided in this webinar is truly what holds much of us back from success.

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    What's your experience? We'd love to know!

    2 reviews for What To Say So Your Patients Stay with Rebecca Ong, L.Ac.

    1. Al Ladesic

      Al Ladesic (verified owner)

      Rebecca does a great job of breaking down the process for structuring treatment plans, presenting them effectively to patients and handling objections. As a new practitioner, this info is gold! Looking forward to continued material the addresses patient/practice management.

    2. Eileen Li

      Eileen Li (verified owner)

      I highly recommend taking this course, especially if you are a new graduate or practicing clinician running a small business practice. Too often do we fall in the nature of pointing fingers when our patients are not compliant because we felt that we communicated well enough, but more often we should be looking inward on how we can improve. Rebecca provides a basic but fool-proof system and scripts that helps release us from being emotionally tied to an outcome and gives us back our freedom to practice what we love. She has done an awesome job creating a very simple process that we often overcomplicate or don’t do enough of. This course alone should improve patient conversion and your mental well-being as a practitioner!

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