Rebecca Ong

Rebecca Ong MAOM, L.Ac. graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2007. Like many of her colleagues, she was faced with a lot of challenges after graduation, most notably running a practice and “winging it” every day. She didn’t really know what to charge my patients or how to manage her personal and business finances. Student loan debt was hanging around like a bad habit, and she just would be there forever. It seemed impossible as a solo practitioner to get ahead and really make a good living practicing Chinese Medicine.

Four years into practice Rebecca came upon a program for eliminating debt, and being too tired from winging it and struggling, she decided to complete it. In 4 1/2 years she paid off $129,222.93 ($141,951.51 with interest) and over four years later, is still debt-free.

The experience of sticking to a plan and achieving this goal inspired Rebecca to help others in the Chinese Medicine field achieve financial freedom too.

You can find Rebecca’s webinar HERE (link)