Terms & Condition


a. Definitions:
The “Company” signifies TCM Hub, LLC
The “Content” signifies any video, audio or written information to be included, displayed, stored or streamed on or from the Site.
The “Author” signifies any individual or party who produces content to be displayed on TCM Hub, LLC or any related websites. If the Author is not the Company, the Author is acting as an Independent Contractor. The author reserves ownership of whatever Content he or she provides to the Company. In the case that the Author is not identical to the Company, the Author’s views and opinions, whether explicit or implicit, do not reflect those of the company, and vice versa. In
the event that the Author and the Company are not identical, the Content in no way reflects the work, opinions or ideas of the Company.

The “Customer” signifies any individual, company or entity who has purchased a monthly subscription, day pass, recorded seminar, webinar, live seminar, or other product from the Company.
The “Site” signifies
The “Product” signifies any service purchased by the Customer from TCM Hub, LLC and These services include, but are not limited to: recorded webinars, recorded seminars, and live in-person seminars.
“For life” applies to purchases of ONLY full length recorded webinars and recorded seminars, and is defined as access to that video content for the time the Company and Site are solvent and active.


a. No solicitation at live seminars or on this website is allowed without express written consent from TCM Hub, LLC.

This includes promotion of self or another business, event, or product, including handing out invitations to events or parties or product literature not associated with The Company. Violation will result in removal of the attendee(s) from the seminar, and being barred from any future live seminars, without refund for the seminar.


a. Access to recorded seminars and webinars will be through purchases for a term “for life” as defined above. During that term, the Customer will have access to the recorded seminar or webinar.
Purchase of recorded webinars: Customers who purchase recorded webinars will have access to the recorded webinar “for life”, as defined above.

b. NCCAOM PDA and other State CEU webinars: For content that is approved for NCCAOM PDAs and/or California CEUs, Customers must fulfill all NCCAOM and/or State requirements before being awarded PDA’s or CEU’s.  There may be requirements in addition to those outlined here, and Customers should consult the NCCAOM or their State Board for that information.

Live PDA/CEU seminars: Customers must attend the ENTIRE live seminar to be eligible to receive PDA’s or CEU’s.  Failure of the Customer to attend the full live seminar will forfeit eligibility for all PDAs or CEUs.
Recorded PDA/CEU webinars and seminars:  Customers must view the entire recording, as well as complete and pass all coursework, worksheets, and quizzes at the end of the recorded webinar before being awarded any PDA or CEU’s.  Upon completion of the required worksheet, quiz, and course evaluation, and by following all steps outlines on including emailing TCM Hub to notify the Company that you completed said coursework, the Customer will receive an email from the NCCAOM in 7-10 business days with a link to the Customer’s PDA/CEU certificate.


a. Live seminar cancellation/refund policy:  There are no refunds. A credit may be extended to the Customer if the Customer notified the Company of their desire to cancel equal to or more than two weeks prior to the seminar.

b. Recorded webinars: No refunds or exchanges for recorded webinars.

c. All sales are final, unless the Company is unable to provide the Product to the Customer. If the Company is unable to provide the Service, the Customer may receive a refund commensurate with the cost of the service not provided


a. No part of the Site or the content thereof may be copied, reproduced, imitated, displayed, stored, or transmitted without prior written permission from both the Company and the Author of the content. All content remains the property of the Author of that content and the Company. Content found to be shared or downloaded without the permission of TCM Hub, LLC, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


a. The Content is intended for use by the Customer only.  It is a violation of these Terms and Conditions for the Customer to share his or her login information with a third party. Doing so will result in the immediate termination of the Customer’s access to the Site and Content and legal action. In the aforementioned case, no refunds will be given.

*We reserve the right to add. remove, or otherwise change the content of this website (video clips, recorded seminars, webinars, etc.) at any time. We also reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and at our discretion.

The views or opinions of the authors whose content is displayed on this website is solely theirs, and does not reflect the views or opinions of TCM Hub, LLC, and vice versa.