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Gaining Patient Trust & Buy-In: August 19th 7:00pm EST

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The therapeutic alliance has been explained as being a better indicator of prognosis than almost anything else. Developing this partnership starts during your initial interaction weather that be virtual or in person. Your patient listens to everything you say but they only absorb small amounts of the conversation. In this section we discuss communication skills including empathic listening and determining personality types to meet the patient where they are.

Attacking the Heart – How the Delta Variant Presents Differently: September 9th 7:00pm EST

Unfortunately, Covid is not as far in the distance as we all hoped it would be by now. Staying up to date on what is happening is the only way we can face this head on. Reports are showing that patients with the delta variant report signs of pericarditis and chest pain. Interesting that this is occurring in summer months governed by the heart. Let’s talk about the pathogenesis of covid and the new variants and work together to determine how to support our communities.

How to Gain Buy in From Non TCM Practitioners and Increase Referrals: September 23rd 7:00pm EST

Too many times practitioners pigeon-hole themselves into a niche that limits referrals and closes doors. As acupuncturists we need to accept that TCM is not easily digested and that it is poorly understood by non-practitioners. The responsibility is on our shoulders as practitioners to explain the safety and efficacy of what we do in a way that makes sense and highlights the benefits of referring to a TCM provider. Its time to take a real deep self-reflection to identify why we continue to struggle and be under utilized as a profession and to put plans into action to change this.

Post COVID: The New Specialty for TCM Practitioners: October 7th at 7:00pm EST

Depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and wide-spread inflammatory conditions are just some of the lingering symptoms taking over the lives of some patients who had a covid infection. In this section we discuss the biopsychosocial model of care and its importance of healing from not only the disease but also the global trauma of 2020.

POTS & Dysautonomia: October 21st 7:00pm EST

POTS is a type of dysautonomia that disrupts normal functioning of the nervous system. Patients experience a multitude of symptoms cause by autonomic dysregulation that impact multiple systems of the body. Orthostatic hypertension, fainting/dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, extreme fatigue is just some of the more common symptoms. In children the expression of POTS is often preceded by a tie of extreme stress and a virulent viral infection. Since Covid there has been an uptick in patients diagnosed with POTS. There is currently no standard medical treatment for these patients other than supportive care. TCM can provide treatment from a biopsychosocial model and has the potential to increase quality of life for these patients. In this section we discuss how TCM can be integrated into care and ways to get Integrative Medicine programs off the ground.

Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to Back Pain: How Acupuncture is Being Used In Integrative Settings: November 4th 7:00pm EST

The connection between emotional health and chronic pain is finally being accepted amongst the western medical community. In this section we discuss the biopsychosocial model of care and demonstrate how to use effective language to increase referrals form pain management and back and spine physicians. We all know that as TCM providers we shine when it comes to treating pain, it’s time to communicate that in a way that patients and physicians know it too!


Dysbiosis & Gut Health: An Overview: November 18th 7:00pm EST

In this section we discuss the global trauma that occurred over the last year and that impacts the HPA axis. We discuss how prolonged stress robs the body of essential nutrients and how the body shifts to survival mode ultimately slowing digestion and creating imbalances in the gut. We discuss the link between inflammatory conditions and gut health and why gut health is really at the root of treating almost any disease.