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TCM Hub helps Chinese Medical Practitioners increase their skills and confidence which improves clinical outcomes!

All educational programs offered through TCM Hub are designed to help Chinese medicine physicians become better clinicians. This is the place where practitioners thrive personally and professionally, and gain the skills necessary to provide high quality Chinese Medicine care to as many patients as possible. We believe that patients must be the beneficiaries of the best of what Chinese Medicine has to offer.

Your Paths to Continuing Education Credits…

Subscription Based Educational Program

In a revolutionary step, TCM Hub has secured up to 24 NCCAOM and CA CEU/PDAs per year as a bonus to supporters of our community! That’s right, each month you can qualify for at least 2 CEU/PDAs by participating in or watching our case study Round Tables and completing appropriate quizzes! This means that for $19/month you cover the vast majority of your ongoing CEU/PDA requirements in addition to all of the other perks of membership.

Education On Demand

Wherever you are in your career, whether a student or seasoned practitioners, we can help you achieve clinical excellence. All of our recorded webinars below include lifetime access and are either NCCAOM approved or pending approval for PDAs.

Live Seminars

We are very excited to get back to live seminars this Fall! TCM Hub live seminars include topics and content that is only clinically relevant and proven in the clinic. We also make every effort to help the practitioner take what they learn and apply it the first day they get back to their clinic. While real world clinical education is the foundation of our seminars, building culture and camaraderie is a close second. Our seminars build professional relationships as well as friendships, both of which create a support network that makes our profession even stronger. Our live seminars are welcoming and encourage dialogue with attendees and instructors even after the seminar through happy hours, lunches, dinners, and other after seminar activities. No matter what your comfort level is for socializing, you will always find passionate instructors who wish to pass on their knowledge on to you, so you can deliver the highest quality Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to your patients. Check back often or join our email list to get updates on upcoming live seminars!

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